Customer satisfaction

Medical care should be good. To ensure quality and safety, Tandzorg Chirurgie is ISO certified.

ISO 9001: 2008
This certificate requires a quality assurance system from the organization. In practice, this means that work is done according to established agreements and that there is a system of continuous improvement. All daily procedures, procedures, medical procedures and controls are laid down in quality manuals.

Just as important as all certification are the opinions and ratings of our patients and referrers. Tandzorg Chirurgie wants to offer you the best care. That is why we work with strict rules and regularly examine the quality of our care. Your opinion is important. We would like to hear what you think of our treatment, care and service. We use your suggestions to improve our services.

At Tandzorg Chirigie we do our utmost to help you. However, it might happen that you are dissatisfied. If you have a complaint, please let us know. We will try to resolve your complaint carefully and with a solution-oriented approach.

How to submit a complaint
You can send an e-mail to in which you clearly state what your complaint is and which solution you may propose. State your name and telephone number so that we can contact you.

How we proceed with a complaint
We record and respond to every expression of dissatisfaction of a client as well as possible. We will record both the complaint and our response to this in your file. We aim to contact you by telephone within 2 days.

External complaints committee
Finally, you can submit a complaint to the external complaints committee: Stichting Klachtencommissie Extramuraal Medisch Specialisten (EMS). The complaint will be handles in accordance with the regulations of this committee.